Sunday, August 31, 2008

Determination leads to success for Borodulin

In November 2007, Russia's Artem Borodulin limped on crutches into the ice rink at the Cup of Russia as a spectator. He had broken his right ankle less than a month before while practicing a jump. Two months later, he took his first steps onto the ice during Russian Nationals when the official practice of the competitors had finished. In March, he won the silver medal at the World Junior Championships, five places up from his previous showing the year before. This strong comeback says a lot about the now 19-year-old's determination.

"When I got injured, basically everybody told me that it wasn't realistic to recover (in time for Junior Worlds)," recalled Borodulin. He was not about to give away that opportunity, however. "It was my last one because of my age. Even if the chances for recovery were slim, I still tried to do it. Others might not like that I'm a stubborn, very difficult person, but I will go to the very end. I don't let go. I won't give up my spot just like that. I'm very jealous. I want attention," the skater summarized honestly.

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