Monday, December 22, 2008

Weir headed back to Korea for the holidays

Johnny Weir is heading to South Korea to join good friend Yu-Na Kim for her Angels on Ice show Christmas day in Seoul, and will miss celebrating the day with his family.
Not surprisingly, his mom said she will miss him. "Normally, we're all together, but not this year," Patti Weir said. "On the other hand, the show is a wonderful thing, because it's for children's charities, and Johnny and Yu-Na are very close."
Weir said he's looking forward to the show.
"It's always so much fun performing for Korean audiences," he said. "I think I'm pretty popular there. It's kind of a perfect present for me. Yu-Na and I are even doing a pair number, but I promise I'm not lifting her.
"Yu-Na always writes, calls, checks in -- she's a very, very sweet girl. I always say I love people who are sweet and also good at what they do."
As always, Weir turned a critical and honest eye toward his recent performance at the Grand Prix Final. He won a bronze medal, his best-ever result at the event, but came away less than satisfied.
"It was a disappointment," he said. "I wanted so much to do better and win, especially after Brian Joubert pulled out. I just didn't skate very well."
After Korea, Weir turns his attention to preparing for the 2009 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, held in Cleveland on January 18-25. He's not sure whether his quadruple toe loop will make an appearance there or not. Like many skaters, he questions the calling of under rotated jumps.
"It's tough [to justify] trying a quad, because if you try and miss it, you can get more points with a double Axel," he reasoned. "Mine are always downgraded. There are times where I've re-checked the landing [on video] and I've made the [four] rotations, but landed on two feet, and that's been downgraded.

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