Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 Canadian Nationals - Men's LP and Final Result

Long Program

1 Patrick Chan 177.88 pts
2 Kevin Reynolds 149.10 pts
3 Vaugh Chipeur 143.23 pts
4 Shawn Sawyer 137.42 pts
5 Joey Russell 128.12 pts
6 Ian Martinez 124.23 pts
7 Jeremy Ten 119.10 pts
8 Sébastien Wolfe 112.66 pts
9 Ronald Lam 104.52 pts
10 Marc-André Craig 103.16 pts

Final Result

1 Patrick Chan 268.02 pts
2 Vaugh Chipeur 222.10 pts
3 Kevin Reynolds 216.49 pts
4 Shawn Sawyer 210.35 pts
5 Joey Russell 202.16 pts
6 Ian Martinez 184.99 pts
7 Jeremy Ten 172.95 pts
8 Sébastien Wolfe 169.15 pts
9 Ronald Lam 169.13 pts
10 Marc-André Craig 168.48 pts

Canada's Olympic Team


Anonymous said...

It looks like there was some huge point inflation at Canadian mens. I can not believe that number two and three in Canada had more points than Evan Lysacek???????

Anonymous said...

Kevin landed 2 different quads and 8 triples earning very high technical marks (I think around 88?). I would say he deserved that score after having the skate of his life. Now Vaughn on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

I think that all of the skater's did an AMAZING job!!!
they definitely deserved everything that they worked hard for!
They should remember that the mistakes that they make, make them become even better skaters than they already are!!!
Johnnie Rochette I am very sorry about your loss, I think you are AMAZING and very BRAVE to skate the way you did! <3 you really inspire me
Stay Strong:)
Congratulations everybody!!!
and i mean that when I say it!!:)
Keep up the good work guys!