Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir

Ahhh! I got so excited when I saw these new pics of Tessa & Scott! They're just so sweet together!

The pics were taken by Myra Klarman, for more pics:


Laura said...

I am from America and want to congratulate you. And, I have to say to you that your performance to Mahler's Symphony was SO utterly reminiscent of Gordeeva and Grinkov. They had something so rare, so evocative, a romance and chemistry that was beyond words. I couldn't believe my eyes, as the tenderness and warmth, the depth and romance, unfolded between the two of you that night. This is the kind of thing that can't be artificially created. You can't "act" that. Even the famous couple Torvill and Dean did not have the kind of chemistry I’m talking about, although their skate was magnificent for sure. That's why I must share with you that your dancing was so reminiscent of Gordeeva and Grinkov's chemistry and special love. I'm glad Sergei realized this and acted on his feelings. I'm sad he died so young. I realize the media puts pressure on people. But, I would ignore their questions and be vague, without belittling the feelings you have for each other by announcing there is no dating, even though it may be true. It is perhaps the mystery that is more important, you know? The media doesn’t need to know your private feelings, no matter what. Katia never divulged to the media how she felt inwardly about Sergei. But remember this from an older lady who has experienced life. Life is full of twizzles and turns. What we think is so important in life, turns out not to be as important, in hindsight. Not to diminish the wonderful gold medal achievement, but just to say this kindly to you ~~as we reach for the golden stars above, after all is said and done, after all the people go home, then, in the quiet moment of your mind, when you gain your perspective~~you may just find, no matter how improbable it sounds, that the true sparkling stars you so desired were in the very eyes of the one you beheld so sweetly. Enjoy! For what you have is rare, indeed. And, congratulations!

Amanda said...

I agree. Thanks for sharing your skating with the world. I was born and raised in Canada, but now am happily married in the US. I enjoy watching you two skate so much, and agree that you can't fake those looks that you give each other! It definitely looks like a very close relationship, that is more then just friends. Good luck!