Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Foy Finds Success with Blum in Berlin

Ashley Foy and Benjamin Blum were both born in the northeastern United States, but now compete in ice dancing for Germany. They finished 13th at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships last season and will compete in senior dance in the coming season.

Foy, who was born in Hartford, Connecticut, began skating when she was five years old. "I was living in Simsbury and both of my older sisters were skating," Foy stated. "I saw Oksana Baiul skating when I went to the rink with my mother and sisters and kind of forced my mother to let me skate too. I skated singles until I was 12 but I really wanted to try pairs and didn't like jumping much!"

"I skated pairs from ten through 13 because I enjoyed skating with a partner more than just skating by myself," she continued. "I got as high as winning North Atlantic Regionals and placing 14th at the 2002 Junior Nationals with Craig Ratteree. When I was 12, I started dance while I was in between pair partners, and I did both pairs and dance for a year."

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