Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm back!

I'm soooo sorry I haven't been updating lately, but things in College got really interesting, lol. You are probably thinking "then why didn't you just ask a friend to update it for you?" Well, let me tell you, not even one of my friends is a figure skating fan, they have no idea where to find the info, what's important and what's not, when the competitions are, etc... why am I friends with people who don't get the sport? Anyway, the thing is, now I'm on my summer holidays, which means I will be more than able to update the blog! We have some exciting events coming up, like the US Nationals, who hasn't already tried to guess how the US Women Oly team will be... Czisny, Flatt, Wagner, Nagasu... will Cohen even show up? We have the Olympics! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Olympics are two months away! And then Worlds, will there be a surprising winner like Kimmie Meissner back in 2006?

I'm sorry again! I promise I'll now dedicate myself to update this blog and do nothing else until I'm done with it (like I have a lot of things to do besides trying to not die of boredom)

Oh, and I will also start tweeting the results and scores in my Twitter, feel free to follow me! (I apologize for the... eh... weird things I may tweet sometimes and for my OJMD (Obsessive John Mayer Disorder)).


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