Monday, October 13, 2008

Adrian Schultheiss: "Gold is always golden"

Adrian Schultheiss is the 2006 Swedish figure skating champion, coming 2nd to Kristoffer Berntsson for two years. Adrian was 6th at the 2008 European Championships and he placed 13th at his first World Championships this year. He is the first male skater from Sweden to win a Junior Grand Prix event – the 2005 Croatia Cup in Zagreb.

How did it feel for you to skate at World’s in your own country?

I was happy for it, because it was in my own city and it felt good for me - to get some recognition and attention - and also be able to perform to my home crowd. I did not expect the audience to be that good to me, so in the beginning it was scaring me, but it felt awesome anyway, and I’m grateful now, when I think back, for all the support I’ve had and it will be a good experience I will carry with me.

How much pressure did you feel? Did you enjoy it?

It was my first senior world championships so I did not put any pressure on myself - more that I tried to enjoy it at the level I was at that point.

Do you think about any thing while you're waiting for the music to start before performing your programs to a big audience?

No, I’m just standing there waiting for my music, normally, trying to localize were I’m at, or some times I’m just inside my head, concentrating.

You have a different style in your programs and costumes from many skaters. Is this something you have set out to achieve or is it your natural, creative style?

I am? :)

No I don’t try to make it “extra”, it’s just natural creativity, following my own thinking. Costumes, hairstyles - I have people to help me with those, but I have a say in it as well, so I get what I need.

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