Monday, January 19, 2009

Rochette wins fifth Canadian crown and Dube and Davison rebound to win second title

Joannie Rochette picked herself up, dusted herself off and bounced back with a vengeance from a disastrous short program to claim her fifth Canadian crown on Saturday.

Some two-and-half hours later Jessica Dubé and Bryce Davison followed suit.

Rochette was unusually emotional at the end of her near-flawless performance, burying her face in her hands and then pumping her fists in celebration as the fans roared their approval. She scored 131.77 points for her long program set to a Spanish concerto, 185.35 in all.

Cynthia Phaneuf, the surprise overnight leader, settled for second after falls on three triple jumps. Four others did materialize, however, and that was enough to keep Phaneuf ahead of Amelie Lacoste.

Phaneuf, the bronze medalist in 2008, collected 151.42 in total to Lacoste's 143.01. Lacoste was eighth last year.

"I'm not a very emotional skater but, at the end, I was so relieved I could do this that I was just really happy about tonight," said Rochette, who described the situation she put herself in as the toughest she has ever had to deal with in competition.

"I was so relieved I could pull this off on a day that I was feeling really bad, I was shaking, and I didn't have so much energy. I'm glad I could still do it... it should be the same for the short program," she added.

"When I got out there and the music started I felt much better. I could get immersed in the music and forget about the stress. I'm very happy about this program, mad about the other, so I have mixed feelings."

Since finishing fifth at the 2008 Worlds, Rochette has made no secret of the fact she wants to be on the podium in Los Angeles and again at the 2010 Olympics.

"We're going to do everything when we go home to make it happen," she vowed.

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