Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flesher and Forsythe Mesh as Dancers

Sarah Flesher and Jamie Forsythe, both 21, were the newest dancers to compete in senior dance at Canadian Nationals in Saskatoon in January. The team's goal for the 2008-09 season was to make the top ten in senior dance at Nationals and they just missed, finishing 11th.

"My personal goal for this season was to simply skate and get noticed," Forsythe said. "I want to become known as Jamie Forsythe the ice dancer instead of 'that guy who switched and went to senior dance'."

Flesher is the more experienced ice dancer with five years more dance time than Forsythe. She reached as high as 13th in junior dance at Canadian Nationals with Yannicak Long-Dupont in 2006.

She started skating when she was six or seven. "My parents put me in a lot of sports when I was little but then I had to choose one and I like skating the best," she said. "I did gymnastics, ballet, and swimming. I never really started competing until I was ten."

From 1993 to 1999, Flesher was also a competitive swimmer, reaching the provincial level.

Although her parents were not athletes, all of her siblings took different athletic paths. "I have one sister who is on a track and field scholarship down in the United States, a second sister who is a ballet dancer and a brother who plays hockey," she noted.

Flesher initially competed in singles, reaching as high as fifth at the Alberta Sectionals in junior ladies, but switched to dance six years ago. "You get to be more creative and expressive on the ice," she said.

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