Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Mystery - Kristoffer Berntsson

Kristoffer appeared to be quite shy and reserved off the ice. He spoke at an even, steady pace - you would never suspect this is the same extrovert, crazy guy one sees on the ice. When we approached him, Kristoffer was ready to talk only about skating. Skating, skating, skating, but we had questions not about Berntsson-the-skater but about Berntsson-the-person.

"You ask such hard questions just after the performance. Let`s talk tomorrow!"
No problem.
The next day we had cafè, tea and talks. First of all - about skating.

- What age did you begin to skate?
At age 5.

Do you remember that moment?
Oh, I just remember some parts of my first year, I started skating in Gothenburg and still skate at the same ice-rink.

Do you have friends who skated with you?
Of all of those who started, I think none of them are skating today. We rarely keep in touch with one another.

Who was your role-model in skating?
Well, I don`t really have many role-models. When I grew up I watched the videos of the best. For example Kurt Browning and Ilia Kulik.

Which program do you prefer the most - the short or the long one?
Oh, difficult question. They are so different. I like them both. I enjoy my short and also like my new free.

Do you have a favourite program from the past?
All of them are special, but looking back I should say - that`s my free from Tokyo. That was one of the greatest feelings in my skating career. And also skating in Gothenburg.

Did you feel any special pressure there?
I thought that I really-really wanted to do the best ever. You see - when you want something that much you use so much power.

What do you think is the marker of your skating?
I always make something new. I don`t want to do the same thing again. I think people see my efforts.

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