Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sarah Meier: "I can be aggressive on ice".

After her practice before the last "Art on Ice" show in Zurich, Sarah Meier was able to spare a few minutes to talk to me about her health, her near and distant future plans, her programs and about the last European championship which she was, unfortunately, only watching on the TV.

Good evening, Sarah, thank you for agreeing to meet me. The first question would be of course about your health. How are you now? How is it going with your injury?
It’s Ok. Now it is not getting worse which is already a good sign.

The problem was with your spine, right?
No, actually the problem is in my right hip. First doctors thought that it’s in my back, but now they are sure that it’s in the hip.

I also heard that you might need a surgery...
Yes, maybe. But we’ll really try to avoid this if it’s possible.

So how do you train with this injury? Do you train less? Do you train at all?
I didn’t skate for two and a half months at all, and now I started to skate a bit, for shows. In general it’s going Ok, but jumps are very problematic and when I jump I start feeling the pain in my hip again. So in shows I’m doing only few jumps and only doubles.

So, if you didn’t train it means you suddenly have a lot of free time?
Not really, I spent lots of time in treatments, visiting doctors. I need to do some therapy, to go to my doctor which is two hours ride from my home.

I see. And in general, when you have time off, what do you usually do?
If it’s a day off after a busy competition or a show I prefer just to relax, to have a rest, to spend time with my friends.

I’ve been in Switzerland twice and I am totally in love with this beautiful country. Do you have a chance to travel here? Hiking on mountains, going to different places?
Not much. Only when some of my friends are coming from abroad to visit me, so I travel with them. But this is a really beautiful country, I agree. It has these mountains and valleys. Maybe it would be nice to have a sea here, and warmer weather… And I also like Zurich very much; it is a very good and convenient place to live in.

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