Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An update with Adrian Schultheiss at Nordics 2009

He’s had surgery, been sick, pulled muscles and a few days ago he broke his skates and had to withdraw from the Nordics. The list of setbacks for Adrian this season is way too long and he’s pretty sick of it. The World Championships in Los Angeles are only a month and a half away and you’d think he’d be in a state of panic. But Adrian is always cool and in a pretty good mood too as we sit down for a chat. In spite of all the ordeals he laughs a lot.

Where will you buy your new skates from?

I order the boots from Canada, I’m keeping the blades. The boots cost a lot of money but I don’t have to pay for them myself, the Swedish Figure Skating Association does.

I’m switching from Graf Edmonton to Graf Washington since they have more padding around the ankle. My old boots were really hard and last summer after my foot surgery the other foot got inflamed.

You’ve had a tough season! At Nationals last December you withdrew after the short program, which you skated well!

Yes, but I was sick and it got worse, I was in bed for days afterwards. Looking back I probably shouldn’t have skated at all.

At Europeans you finished 18th

The short program was ok. Everything was kind of so, so since I hadn’t competed a lot during the season, I’d only done the two Grand Prix events, the rest of the time I was either sick or injured.

Was there anything positive about Europeans?

I don’t know... that I made it home again?

(This guy’s a gas! ) And what was not so good?

Hmm, that it was so cold in Finland.

Full interview.

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