Friday, September 11, 2009

Adrian Schultheiss answers fan questions

Adrian Schultheiss is working hard and looking forward to the season ahead. He did manage to have some fun during the summer. He generously gave Absolute Skating some time out from his busy training schedule to answer a few questions from fans on his message board.

Hi Adrian, firstly who are you working with this season?

I will work 2 weeks with Rafael Arutunian in Lake Arrowhead next month, and here at home I’m working with my coach Evgeny Loutkov, and choreographer. I have two new choreographers who dance in a group called Twisted Feet. They are twins Tony and Denny Hulten. I worked with them for my new free program and I also work with Galina Loutkova.

What music will you be skating to this season, and why did you choose this music/theme?
For the short I have classical music by David Mnatsakanyan. The free is a mix: “Teardrops” is the main theme, and then I have some different parts cut into the music. I’m supposed to be crazy in that program, and I will be. J With composer David Mnatsakanyan
I chose this music because I like it and I wanted just classical for the short program so I can show I can do well with classical music and show good skating.
The free music I chose because I wanted to make something fun and try to push the limit a bit.

Short prog
Name of music: My way, Christmas Fantasy
Composer: David Mnatsakanyan
Choreographer: Galina Loutkova

Free prog
Name of music: Teardrop by Massive Attack, Insane In The Brain by Cypress hill, Smack My Bitch Up by Prodigy
Choreographer: Tony Hulten, Denny Hulten, Galina Loutkova

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