Monday, September 14, 2009

Ponsero hopes for break-through season

Yannick Ponsero is one of those talented skaters who have it all, but just needs to put it together to achieve the final break through. Excellent skating skills, beautiful jumps (including arguably the best quadruple toeloop of the current men), originality, and expression on the ice characterize the Frenchman.

Ponsero medalled twice at Junior Worlds (silver in 2005 and bronze in 2006), collected two silver medals at French Nationals (senior level), and took the title in 2009 (in the absence of Brian Joubert). Thus far, however, he has finished off the podium at both the European and World Figure Skating Championships.

So far, inconsistency has not only plagued the skater, but has hindered him from realizing his potential on the world stage (his highest placement was 14th in 2007).

"I've made huge progress," Ponsero said, referring to the past season. "I won a medal at the Grand Prix which I never managed before," he said, regarding the bronze medal win at NHK Trophy last December. At Skate Canada, he missed out by less than a point on a second medal after placing fourth. "I am the French Champion and I won the free skating at Europeans," he added.

At Europeans 2009, it was the short program that cost him the podium spot. Ponsero was ranked ninth after several errors, but then rallied back with an excellent free. "The short program at Europeans went wrong, but it was the first time that it happened in the season," he explained. "Overall it's not such a big problem. Obviously I still have to solve it, but I'm getting closer step by step. It means hard work every day in order to achieve consistency and security in practice and in order to stay calm. We will continue with this principle – to attack in practice and there will be further progress."

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