Monday, September 14, 2009

Unhappy alliance: Reeds' mom blasts JSF over funding

The Japan Skating Federation, which has been found wanting in its support of skaters in the past, is once again being called out for its lack of commitment.

This time, the mother of ice dancers Cathy and Chris Reed — who will represent Japan at the 2010 Vancouver Games — says the JSF has ignored her repeated requests for financial assistance to help prepare them for the Olympics.

"It appears the JSF is only concerned with singles skater," Noriko Reed said last month in a telephone interview from her New Jersey home. "JSF executives have told me, 'We don't know ice dancing well. This seems to be their excuse for not helping Cathy and Chris.' "

The Reeds, who have been competing for Japan since 2006, train with Nikolai Morozov, the renowned coach who also has Miki Ando and Nobunari Oda in his stable at the Ice House in Hackensack, N.J.

Noriko Reed says that not only has the JSF not stepped up to help its own athletes, but that it has had a crass manner in dealing with them.

"You would not believe some of the stuff they have done," she said. "The first year Cathy and Chris skated for Japan, they covered the airfare and accommodations for them at events. But at the end of the season they tried to present me with a bill for some additional costs, which I ignored. This is the mentality we are dealing with."

Noriko Reed claims that the extent of the JSF's backing is usually saying "congratulations" after an event.

"They didn't support us last season. It was ridiculous."

She says that the Japan Olympic Committee doesn't even rank the Reeds, who are the two-time defending national champions, which makes obtaining funding for them even tougher.

"There are singles skaters ranked higher than 100th in the world who are certified by the JOC, but not Cathy and Chris. I don't get it," she adds.

She notes that the JSF even promotes its junior skaters more than her kids.

"They hype up these young kids who still have not done anything. It just isn't right," she continues.

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