Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beauty and The Geek

For Jordan Cowan, the one television show he would like to be on is "Beauty and the Geek". However, he's already starring in his own version of reality by ice dancing with lovely California girl Anastasia Olson.

Cowan spends hours on his MacBook, lists Apple's Steve Jobs as the person he'd most like to meet, and plans to study computer science and engineering in college.

"I was almost ten when I started skating," Cowan admitted. "I wasn't sports-oriented as a kid. I was more of a bookworm. I read my first big book, The Lost World, when I was in third grade. I still like to read science fiction and technical computer articles."

That's the recipe for the classic geek.

"I did a lot of musical theatre until I was 15," he continued. "I did acting, singing, dancing, all of the above. I played a lot of principal roles like Billy in 42nd Street and Joseph in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. I love theatre and I intend to get back into it. You can do theatre for a much longer time than skating."

"I did freestyle until I was 12 and was getting into the double jumps," Cowan recalled. "But I had tendonitis in my knees for two years in a row, so that's when I started ice dancing. My coaches said I'd like dancing and that I had a good figure for dance."

"I competed with Kaylyn Patitucci in 2005 and Michaela Cook in 2006-07," Cowan said, "but Michaela and I knew it wasn't a long term partnership because of our age difference. We didn't expect to make Nationals from Sectionals after only 2 months of training together, but we did, and finished 10th."

Olson is the beauty in this story.

"I used to live in California and I loved the cold of the ice rink," Olson recalled. "I started on public sessions when I was about three."

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