Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Orford and Rohon Look for Redemption

Nicole Orford and Malcolm Rohon are determined to prove that they are better dancers than they showed at Canadian Nationals last season. The dancers, ages 16 and 20 respectively, will be competing in junior dance this season.

"We won novice dance at Sectionals last year and were second at Westerns," Rohon continued. "but we didn't do well at Nationals. This year we want to redeem ourselves. We're going to come back with a vengeance."

They opened their season at Minto Skate in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. "We started out really well," Orford noted. "There were a lot of couples there but we were fifth in the compulsories and second in the original dance. We made some technical mistakes in the free and came tenth."

The couple finished fifth in the free dance and sixth in the original dance in the Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships in August. "We were fourth in the open Westminster Waltz, sixth in the junior Westminster, fourth in the junior Argentine Tango, and seventh overall in compulsories," Orford noted.

"Our goal is to earn a spot on the Junior Grand Prix circuit," Orford stated.

Rohon started skating when he was seven or eight. "I was doing swimming and soccer at the same time," he recalled. "I was a competitive swimmer from the age of four to 16. I was best at the fly and breast stroke. I played soccer from nine until 13 or 14."

"My Mom put me in skating," he continued. "She skated as a child. I liked skating because it was more artistic. Swimming was just racing the clock. With skating, I could be more creative."

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