Saturday, September 26, 2009

Davis, White run away with Nebelhorn gold

U.S. ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White won their first gold medal at the Nebelhorn Trophy by scoring 100.76 points in their free dance and finishing with 200.46 points overall.

The couple skated to Phantom of the Opera, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd at the conclusion of their spectacular program, which include some fantastic new lifts with multiple changes of position.

"It's a very demanding program, but we love it," Davis noted. "The audience response meant the world to us."

"It's quite a change of pace," White said. "We're using the Broadway version except for the last instrumental piece,"

"We reviewed a lot of music after worlds," Davis recalled, "but we kept coming back to Phantom. We had a lot of different versions of the music."

"It's a generalization of the story itself," White said. "We didn't have to go with the whole structure of the movie. There's the mystery when they meet, then the phantom gets Christine to love him, then he reveals his face at the end."

Alexandra Zaretski and Roman Zaretski of Israel, who skated to Schindler's List, earned 84.54 points in their free dance to place second in the segment and win the silver medal with 169.59 points, more than 30 points behind the Americans.

"We made no major mistakes, so we're happy for the first time doing this program," Alexandra Zaretski said.

"We've always wanted to skate to this music," her brother, Roman, said. "It's close to our hearts. The music evokes a passion in us that we want to communicate to the audience. Sometimes it makes me cry."

Lithuania's Katherine Copely and Deividas Stagniunas, who danced to West Side Story, earned 82.70 points to place third in the free dance and won the bronze medal with 162.02 total points.

"We skated the program well," Copely said. "The audience response as the elements went by really buoyed us."

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